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Sexaholics chat

Whilst all of these may eventually become problems, where the compulsive behaviour results in anguish and distress, it must be remembered that initially there was no obsession driving the compulsive addiction.Additionally the person also found great pleasure from the activity to begin with.Blocking Access Changing Your Habits Community Q&A While looking at pornography can sometimes have positive consequences, it can also become an unhealthy addiction.If pornography is negatively impacting your life, then you may be thinking about ways to cut back.With OCPD, a person may be generally preoccupied with orderliness, perfectionism and control in virtually every part of his or her life.But rather than be anxious about this, they have no interest in changing—in actual fact they see their behaviour and thoughts as desirable traits.However, these obsessive or compulsive quirks, that last a brief moment, and rarely cause distress or any anxiety, do not warrant the label or a diagnosis of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, which can actually leave a person debilitated for hours at a time.People today seem to want to find a label for every unusual behaviour, but when they define unusual ‘obsessive’ or ‘compulsive’ behaviour as ‘OCD’ they are not understanding what it actually is.

If you want to stop looking at pornography, block your access to it by destroying your collection and installing anti-porn software on your computer.However someone with OCD will have the compulsive behaviour initially driven by unwanted and intrusive obsessive thoughts and they are never pleasurable or enjoyable.While many people will have problems with some of the obsessive and compulsive type behaviours described above, that may require specialist support and treatment, they can not and should not be diagnosed as Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder related problems.In contrast, people who have OCD are not happy - the thought of this overwhelming need to carry out the cleaning leaves them upset, scared and disabled, due to the fear of the perceived harmful consequences that could arise by not carrying it out.Schizophrenia Some people with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder have a fear that their OCD is the beginning of a more serious mental health condition, Schizophrenia, where they fear they will lose control.

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For example, being obsessed about football, shopping, sex or other enjoyable pastimes is a far cry from OCD, where a person takes no enjoyment and the obsessions are usually focussed on the more mundane.